The inventory is traditional styles that don't go out of style. The material, Carbolyt , is indestructible. It was patented and licensed by Mitsubishi 10 years ago to Nylyt. The material was extremely expensive. The published WHOLESALE PRICE  comes from the industry standard publication "Frames" catalog. The 14 styles are wholesale to the trade priced from $24.95 and 36.95 and are listed in Frames (July 2002) under Prestige Optics. The brand names are Olde Tymers and Nylyt.
     Inventory 13,579 frames:
               Old Tymers - 6220 pieces
               Carbolyte  - 7359 pieces
     I am interested in your trade currency and any interesting direct trade. Newer cars, boats, airplane,  real estate. Click here for inventory.

Old Tymers --->

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Custom Oil Paintings: All Subjects

Beautiful oil paintings hand painted to your exact specifications. Why settle for cheap prints and reproductions when you can have the luxury of oil on canvas priced lower than the price of some prints..and get it 100% trade. You can order any size, style, and colors of your choice. Search the library for your favorite old masters then send me photos of your wife and kids, and I will have your wife's face painted into the composition and your kids as little angels. Or, send us your favorite photograph and have our studios immortalize it in oil. Get creative! Make a statement! Make Art!

Relics, Carvings, Bronze Sculptures, Garden Art and Fountains

Third Expedition to the jungles of South East Asia in search of treasures for the discriminating Trader.  Place your order NOW for fantastic savings 100% trade. For larger items and discounted deals ask about special terms. An example of the typical savings you can expect is my glass top sea turtle table. You can pay $19,995 cash at the Wyland Galleries, or you can buy one for $4995.00 100% trade. With over 1000 items available we can find what you are looking for. We are also available as your consultant in Asia to handle business negotiations and shop for solutions to enhance the profitability of your business.

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