Print is Where We Started.

Hytec Design began its existence as a cutting edge print design firm. As the age of computer graphics was ushered in, Hytec was at the forefront of the wave utilizing state-of-the-art hardware and software to give our clients the newest looks and effects.

With years of experience designing everything from magazines, brochures, flyers, ad slicks, four-color catalogs to yellow page ads, we can deliver the finished product to you or using our mailing fulfillment, have it mailed to your list of contacts.

With modern on-demand digital imaging machines running four colors, amazing things can be done with the print image. We can even create fresh designs using an exotic combination of select paper stock along with fancy die cuts and edge treatments that will get you attention in any marketplace. Hytec Design Brochure.

Printing, Design, and CD Replication

$5000 Increments - 100% Barter

Conditions & Terms:

FOB: San Diego County, California
Pricing: per job quote on individual basis competitive with Kinkos
Digital Color Copying - full color output from Xerox Doc 12, file or hard copy originals
Computer Design & Illustration:
        Web Page Programming
        Interactive CD ROM Programming
        Hand Illustration
        Computer Design
        On-hand Royalty-Free Clipart, Photo Library, Video, Sound, & Music
        Film supplied or output from customer supplied PC disk
        Preflight and printer's spreads
        High resolution 4000 line drum scans as well as flat bed scans
        Proofs - Dye-sub, Laser or Digital Color
        Hi-res sep film output (up to 175 line screen), e-up,down, neg or pos, up to 26" width
CD ROM Replication/Duplication (at market rate price sheet):
        Single or dual Platform MAC & PC multimedia design $125/hr trade or quote job
        Our proprietary electronic business card, ecom-bizcard TM
        Standard size CD ROM - music or data (customer supplied stock)
Mailing Fullfillment: 100% trade in most cases, postage not included, from customer's mail list.
Expiration - One (1) year from date of issue

Any items not specifically listed are excepted from the due bill and payable in cash (e.g. outside services and purchases not available in-house) unless otherwise negotiated on a case-by-case basis.