Intullivision Media Arts works with small individual foundries in Asia sourcing distinctive hand crafted Bronze Sculpture and Fountains. These workshops utilize the Centuries old Lost Wax casting technique where artists and craftsmen create the bronze components that are braised together to complete the finished artwork. After the hand sanding and polishing of each piece, patina finishes are hand applied to give each sculpture a unique appearance (no two are identical).  Click on the sections below to see the applicable gallery with descriptions and detailed photographs. SPECIAL!!! Relics, Carvings, Bronze Sculptures, Garden Art and Fountains. Third Expedition to the jungles of South East Asia in search of treasures for the discriminating Trader.  Place your order NOW for fantastic savings 100% trade. For larger items and discounted deals ask about special terms. An example of the typical savings you can expect is my glass top sea turtle table. You can pay $19,995 cash at the Wyland Galleries, or you can buy one for $4995.00 100% trade. With over 1000 items available we can find what you are looking for. We are also available as your consultant in Asia to handle business negotiations and shop for solutions to enhance the profitability of your business.
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Wildlife Asian Dolphins and Mermaids Remingtons
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Nudes, Exotic Fountains Figurative & Museum Glass Top Table Sculpture Horses